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Prakrithi Mitra is a Students Environmental Movement covering both school students and college students. Our primary objective is to promote experiential learning for Nature Conservation.This is a Young Students Movement for Protection of Nature and Environment.

Senior Students of Colleges and Universities engage in environmental campaigns and large scale environmental volunteering for big events of possible huge environmental impact. These senior Prakrithi Mitras also support the School NGC Students and School Prakrithi Mitras experience Nature by getting involved in Nature Camps.

Prakrithi Mitra’s present focus is on Nature Camps for school students and Environmental Volunteering. Prakrithi Mitras are also utilising Kala Jathas – which are informal cultural performances on environmental themes involving young college students belonging to Colleges in the State.

Our work in environmental education with a primary objective of spreading environmental discipline among students in the state, from school to university level has prompted us to take up this challenge….more